Creating Sacred Moments: Practical Skills from Ayurveda
  • Calm your mind so as to allow in the sacred.
  • Integrate the emptiness of the mind with what fills it.
  • Implement regular cleansing of mind within your busy life.

with Dr. Bhaswati Bhattacharya

for Aligning the Mind with Cosmic Consciousness

The Good Life is a life worth living, marked by happiness and satisfaction.

This course offers the unique opportunity to . . .

. . . cultivate personalized practices through Ayurveda.

. . . enhance your sense of self through present moment awareness, mental calm, and self-worth.

. . . transform your body/mind through practices like altar-building and ritual movement.

When depression, anxiety, worry and anger rule the mind, both physical and mental health are compromised. Some ancient societies grounded individuals by teaching them how to prioritize calm, simplicity and alignment with cosmic consciousness.

Steadily acknowledged as the foundation of the sacred, alignment is the use of our senses and actions to bring a sense of quiet to the cacophony of noise, and a simplicity and sweetness to our complicated encounters.

In this course, we will experiment with practical skills from Ayurveda that align the mind with cosmic calm. You will implement only those that work for you, and explore why some rituals do not appeal. We will raise our self-awareness and conscious experience in the present moment.

Join author-healer and physician-scientist, Dr. Bhaswati Bhattacharya, as she explores the importance of aligning the mind, also known as rebalancing your Vata.

Release the "Should"s and Welcome the Sacred

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Connect to your inner Self, the present moment, and you will find yourself letting go slowly of the "should"s and fully living in the sacred now. Let Dr. Bhaswati be your guide in this 9-module course to unlock cosmic calm and holistic well-being.

  • Ayurvedic Techniques: Learn practical skills from Ayurveda to align the mind with cosmic calm.
  • Mindfulness in the Present: Understand the importance of being present to enhance self-awareness.
  • Nutritional Wisdom: Discover Ayurvedic insights on foods supporting mental calm and overall well-being.
  • Self-Worth Exploration: Work on overcoming 'I-am-not-enough' issues for personal growth and alignment.
  • Rituals for Alignment: Build altars and practice daily routines to promote balance and self-alignment.
  • Gratitude and Abundance: Embrace rituals of gratitude to attract alignment with abundance in life.

Students of this course will learn:


Course Outline

MODULE 1: Be in the present moment.


Depression happens when we are in the past and future. Be in the present moment of this space and time. Observe more keenly what is in your environment. Be curious. Be grateful for what is around you. Increase the sacredness of your senses. Depression occurs when we have expectations from things that would have, could have, or should have happened. Being in the present is accepting that things are here now, for a purpose. Trusting in the mathematics of the universe to create things as they are means trusting that things are happening in alignment. Being dissatisfied means wanting things to change without you doing anything. Joy is a natural phenomenon; misery is created out of your expectations.

MODULE 2: Eat food that supports mental calm.


Ayurveda discusses foods by their ability to add heat or cooling to your body. Hot food in a hot body makes you boil; dry food for a quick mind makes it dry and rough. You also need foods that keep your mind cool and allow you to feel the calm that allows for alignment with the one-consciousness. What are those, and how did Ayurveda know about these brain foods? The wisemen knew that nutriments are more important than nutrients. What are brain-gut foods and why does the gut affect the brain? What are your lineage's fermented foods for your gut microbiome? Allowing non-food into the body is poison because the body expends energy to either store non-food or process it, and either way it destroys the calm in the body, creating inflammation.

MODULE 3: Work on I-am-not-enough issues.


Who told you that you are not enough? These are the seeds of many of the obstacles you will create in life. What are your belief systems, and when is the b.s. not serving you? Who taught you these belief systems, and why did they believe these principles to be true? What do the little kids inside of you today need? Tools for healing the child inside will guide you toward better decisions, better alignment of your mind with your inner dreams, and steer you away from poor function actions that lead to addiction, violence, and repeated failures.

MODULE 4 : Build an Altar.


The five senses help you navigate the world. When you awaken each day, cleaning them as part of your early morning routine is a key to observing and interacting productively in the world. Once you have cleaned them, fill them with things that align you with truth and beauty. An altar is not a symbol of religion in ayurveda. It is a reminder of your devotion to specific lifestyle choices. A useful altar fills your 5 senses with balance and alignment. Fill it with things you love. Go where beauty is.

MODULE 5: Move your Body.


While exercise comes from the Latin verb exercēre (to train, practice, to keep at work), movement has no taskmaster. The ayurvedic concept of exercise aligns muscle power with the season. Authentic yoga is never exercise; it moves the mind in celebration into alignment with the body. Move your hands through mudras and your voice through dhatus and discover the power of daily movement integrated through your life of tasks.

MODULE 6: Fall into Daily Routine.


Reconnect the sun and the moon to your clock genes, the DNA that opens daily to do cellular tasks and keep your inner body aligned with all its parts. Start the day with an automated operating system, the early morning routine of cleaning the senses and body in preparation for what will fill it during the day. Pick an herb aligned with intention for your day, and heal in each season.

MODULE 7: Rituals of Gratitude Attract Alignment with Abundance.


The open heart is always thankful, even when some days are rough. The wiseman reminds us to be grateful for what we have when we are not feeling thankful. The ritual of feeding others reminds us of the annapurna inside of us, the goddess of plenty that feeds everyone with her bottomless vessel. When we align with all that we have, we align with the reality of abundance.

MODULE 8: Bathe and Imbibe Pure Water.


Water is our first food. Today we are taught that chemically-treated water that is H2O is pure. Ayurveda said that water aligned with nature, cleaned through movement through rain, air, along rocks is naturally pure water. The reality of bottled water containing multiple contaminants is known by water experts and those who water plants with chemically-purified water. Yet this knowledge has not been translated to those concerned with subtle energies. Boiling water has advantages beyond heating; it breaks bonds with contaminants, and allows you to imbibe water that is good for you.

MODULE 9: Breakthrough Exercises Find You When You are Lost.


What things make you feel unsafe, and what will calm you? Work through rituals and routines that will help your heart find you when you are lost. Re-find yourself through meaningful relationships in your life. Emotional memories that are not helping you can be transformed into energy and moved out of the body. Only what needs to remain is yours.

Three Additional On-Demand Lectures for a Limited Time...

Available On Demand Upon Purchase of Creating Sacred Moments.

This talk decodes the mythology of Gaṇeśa, the elephant-headed lord of wisdom and auspicious beginnings. You will learn the significance of how Gaṇeśa got his elephant’s head, and also why he is worshipped first among the host of Hindu gods. You will also learn about how mythological storytelling serves as a rich repository of insight into the personal and spiritual growth at the heart of yoga. Specific yoga postures will also be covered.

In this talk we will explore the fundamental neurobiology of reacting and its impact on all aspects of our lives. Sourcing published scientific research and ancient Spiritual Wisdom, we will review the yogic practices that develop non-reactive awareness and a positive attitude and action that promotes peace of mind and self-healing. The techniques presented are applicable to children, teens and adults.

Utilizing the Prana Map to Navigate Life & Spiritual Practice

Yoga and the Science of Not Reacting

Gaṇeśa, Grounding and Yogic Storytelling

In this talk, we will explore the ways in which prana moves in the subtle body. The movement of prana, or life force in the subtle body is called vayu (literally meaning wind). Vayu moves in specific ways, and each movement governs a particular function of the body and mind. Through particular pranayama techniques, we can learn to become acutely aware of these vayus and to bring about a sense of calmness and harmony in the body-mind.

Bhaswati Bhattacharya

Dr. Bhaswati Bhattacharya is a board-certified physician-scientist and Fulbright Scholar trained in family medicine and preventive medicine, serving as Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at Weill-Cornell Medical College. Her research focuses on integrating the wisdom and science of authentic traditional medicines such as Ayurveda into health care. She has earned an MD (Rush U of Chicago), a Masters in Public Health (MPH-Harvard U), and PhDs in pharmacology/neuroscience and Ayurveda (Columbia U, Banaras Hindu U, India). The documentary Healers Journey into Ayurveda features her work and is on The Discovery Channel, and her book Everyday Ayurveda is a national bestseller published by Penguin Random House. She teaches a course in the EP library called The Wisdom of Ayurveda.

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The purpose of our lives is to be happy. How do we get there? Align the mind with cosmic consciousness using practical skills from Ayurveda.

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