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An Online Training & Certification in 3 Trimesters

Yoga Philosophy

Certificate Program

Texts, Traditions &


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About The Yoga Philosophy Certificate Program

Over three trimesters, you will learn from some of the most respected teachers of yoga philosophy today, including renowned scholars and devotional leaders. You will receive guidance from faculty as you embark on a research project that will help you develop specialized knowledge of a topic of your choice. You will join us for a summer virtual immersion to deepen your knowledge and to connect personally with fellow students and faculty.

The program’s curriculum aims to balance a rigorous understanding of yoga philosophy with an embodied engagement of yoga’s subtle practices, including meditation, pranayama, chanting, creative contemplation and inquiry.

Why Yoga Philosophy?

The teachings and practices of yoga are inspiring a deep transformation of human consciousness at the somatic, psychological and spiritual levels. Join us for this comprehensive adventure into the texts, traditions and practices of the yoga tradition.

Yoga Philosophy encompasses a range of texts and traditions, from the Vedas to the Yoga Sūtras, from Vedanta to Haṭha and Tantra. These texts and traditions teach and transmit a range of subtle contemplative practices that support and extend beyond the postural Yoga that is so popular today.

As yoga becomes increasingly popular in our globalized world, the need to immerse ourselves in the foundational teachings of yoga becomes fundamental to protecting the integrity of its most transformative practices.


Our “Yoga Philosophy: Texts, Traditions & Practices” Online Training and Certification is an innovative program that is the first of its kind. True to Embodied Philosophy’s commitment to the synergy of knowledge and experience, we have curated a program that brings together a faculty of scholar-practitioners from both devotional and academic contexts.

  • Understand yoga history, from ancient to modern
  • Engage key texts from the yoga tradition
  • Distinguish between the various lineages of the yoga tradition
  • Engage the subtle practices of yoga
  • Understand the difference between yogic approaches and modern approaches to human psychology
  • Navigate the ethics of yoga
  • Relate yoga to the new contemplative science movement
  • Develop Sanskrit language skills that prepare you for basic translation of yogic texts
  • Differentiate between the different yogas as they are expressed within and between various texts and traditions
  • Implement these texts and teachings into your personal practice
  • Develop skills of articulating yoga philosophy for a modern world
  • Dive deep and explore a specific topic, theme or concept from the yoga tradition

Participants in this certificate program will learn to:

Curriculum Includes



In our Practice Courses, trainees will discover the many subtle practices of yoga that extend beyond the modern postural yoga paradigm.


In Text Courses, you will carefully read and explore the sacred texts of the yoga canon with faculty who have devoted their lives to deep study and practice.

Foundation Courses, you will discover the history, philosophy and fundamental concepts of the various yoga philosophy traditions.

Final Project

You will develop a presentation, essay, or lesson plan as a final project focused on a topic of your choosing.

Online Immersion

The year-long program culminates with a 5-day virtual event with presentations, faculty, friends, and fellow students.

Integration Sessions

Students & Faculty will meet once a month to further discuss the material, digest key concepts and ask questions..


TRIMESTER 1: Foundations & Seminal Texts


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Intro to Yoga Philosophy

Intro to Vedas

Yoga Sutras

Yoga History 1


Intro to Sanskrit


TRIMESTER 2: Vedānta to Śaiva Tantra


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Yoga History 2

Bhagavād Gītā

Vaishnava Bhakti


Śiva Sutras

Śaiva Tantra


TRIMESTER 3: Śākta Tantra to Contemplative Science

APRIL - JUNE, 2022

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Śākta Tantra

Puranas & Poetry

Hatha Yoga

Yoga History 3

Yoga & Buddhism

Modern Sages

Ethical Questions

Contemplative Science



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The year-long program culminates with a 5-day virtual event with presentations, faculty, friends, and fellow students. This event will be held from June 22 - 26, 2022.

Meet The Faculty

Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiya


Swami Sarvapriyananda


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Dr. Edwin Bryant

Sāṁkhyakārikā &Yoga Sūtra

Dr. Sravana Borkataky-Varma

Śakta Tantra

Vineet Chander

Upaniṣads & Bhagavād Gītā

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Mary Reilly Nichols

Meditation & Modern Sages

Neil Delal

Yoga & Cultural Appropriation

Dr. Bhaswati Bhattacharya


Marcy Goldstein

Yoga History

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Jacob Kyle


Stephanie Corigliano


Isa Gucciardi

Yoga & Buddhism

Hari-kirtana das

Vaiṣṇava Bhakti

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Zoë Slatoff


Daniel Simpson

Vedas & Haṭha yoga

Ramesh Bjonnes

Yoga History

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Yoga Philosophy?

In the modern world, these are important facets of yoga that can inspire and uplift an individual’s life. This program offers the next step for those who have glimpsed the transformative insight that a physical practice can offer. It is designed to connect motivated practitioners to the rich history and tradition of yoga and the variety of goals that yogis have pursued over time, from practical health benefits to spiritual enlightenment.

How many hours a week can I expect?

Students can expect around 6 - 8 hours per week of work throughout the program. In general, there are two 2-hour classes per week and one 2-hour integration session per month. There will be occasional supplemental readings and benchmark assignments designed to help you complete your final project.

Are all courses live and is attendance mandatory?

Most courses will be held live on Zoom. Attendance at the live class sessions is not mandatory-- video replays will be posted within 24 hours of the live session. Students must attend 9 out of 12 Integration Sessions live to be eligible to receive their certificate.

Will I receive credits through Yoga Alliance for completing this program?

Embodied Philosophy is a YACEP, a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider. The hours for this program are redeemable as Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits (non-contact hours).

Will I receive guidance on my final project?

Yes, students will receive feedback from select faculty on their final project proposals. There will also be multiple Q&A sessions with the program director(s) to address questions and concerns about final projects & presentations. Students will receive feedback on their final project at the online immersion in June 2022.

Note: Writing Mentorship students will also receive feedback on their rough draft projects.

Do I have to attend the final online immersion?

Attendance at the final online immersion in June 2022 is mandatory for those who wish to receive their certificate of completion at the end of the program. Tentative dates for the final online immersion are:June 22 - June 26, 2022

Who should participate in this program?

This training would be of quality whether you are a Yoga Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Meditator, Healer, Therapist, Psychologist, Wisdom Seeker, Contemplative Facilitator, Meditation Teacher, Educator, Massage Therapist or Body Worker, Complementary & Alternative Medicine Professional, Clergy & Religious Leader, Wellness Professional, or a Citizen of Planet Earth Interested in an Awakened World.

Will I be able to teach yoga after completing this program?

This training prepares students to be able to give talks and workshops on yoga philosophy, but it will not prepare a student to teach the physical postures (known as asana). For this kind of training, you should complete a 200-Hour Teacher Training registered with Yoga Alliance at the RYT 200 Level.

Optional Mentorship Program

Work directly with a faculty mentor who will guide, focus, and enhance your journey
through all facets of the program.

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Summary of optional Mentorship Program

To support students throughout their learning experience, Embodied Philosophy is offering Mentorship as an add-on to the Yoga Philosophy Certification Program. Work directly with a faculty mentor who will guide, focus, and enhance your journey through the classes, integration paper assignments, and final project. Customize Mentorship to best meet your needs by choosing one of three emphases:

1) Writing

2) Advisory

3) Writing & Advisory Blend

1) Writing Mentorship

Writing is an art that allows people to discover and communicate knowledge and wisdom. It is a practice that supports those who seek transformation and is an expression of embodied philosophical living. But writing can be difficult! From organizing ideas to choosing precise words, using correct grammar and punctuation, and figuring out what we think and how to convey it, the process of writing can be exasperating. The Writing Mentorship emphasis is for everyone who wants to clarify ideas and share them through the art of writing. You will receive guidance from a mentor who works closely with you throughout the program.

Receive access to:

Written feedback on papers prepared for the monthly integration sessions.

Guidance on all aspects of writing: organization, mechanics, integration of quotations, etc.

Extensive written feedback on a draft of your final project.

2) Advisory Emphasis

The breadth and depth of classes are wonderfully inspiring and challenging. Exploring complex philosophical issues naturally generates new interests and questions that are best navigated with an experienced mentor by your side. The Advisory Mentorship emphasis is for everyone who would like support from a mentor who will work closely with you on class content, monthly assignments, and the final project.

Receive access to:

Once per month extensive written response to questions/ideas about class content and integration session topics.

Discussion and development of the final project.

Study skills support.

3) Writing & Advisory Emphasis

This emphasis is for students who would like support with writing, class content, assignments, and study skills. Tailor your mentorship to support your needs by blending the program options listed above.

All Mentorships include:

  • Introduction one-on-one 30-minute Zoom meeting to discuss your interests and goals
  • Two group 60 minute Zoom trainings (choose writing and/or advisory focus)
  • Mid-program one-on-one 30-minute Zoom meeting to discuss progress
  • Outgoing one-on-one 30-minute Zoom meeting to discuss accomplishments and new goals

What does the Mentorship Program cost?

The cost for this program is $897, in addition to the rate of the Yoga Philosophy Certificate program. Upon enrollment for the Yoga Philosophy Certificate Program, you will receive an email with a link to purchase a Mentorship.


/ One-time


/ 12 Payments

After initial deposit of $865


/ 3 Payments

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Use Code 10CERT to Save 10%

Use Code 10CERT to Save 10%

Use Code 10CERT to Save 10%

Join us on this extensive exploration of Yoga Philosophy

"The Yoga Philosophy program was so much more than I anticipated when I enrolled last year. The depth and breadth of the classes in the program and the teachers and presenters are amazing. You will be challenged, and you will discover new ways of thinking about and looking at yoga. The program takes you down paths of discovery you may not have even known existed. The support staff at Embodied Philosophy is very responsive and really is committed to ensuring you get the most out of the program. I was a little skeptical about an online-only program, but the support keeps you connected and I have made lifelong friends. I recommend the program and all of the offerings of Embodied Philosophy to my colleagues and students alike!"

- Joan

"I got so much out of this program. First of all, I really appreciated being exposed to so many of the different perspectives of philosophy that are related to Yoga and philosophy that originated in India – Samkhya, Vedanta, Tantra, Tibetan Buddhism, Goddess traditions – I think we got a great overview. It’s wonderful to learn from teachers who so clearly love their subject. I really appreciate the support and input we had from our mentors. It’s been a fantastic year. Thank you!"

- Ellen

What Students Are Saying...

"Every faculty member was incredibly knowledgable on their subject matter but even more so, passionate about sharing that knowledge and overwhelmingly dedicated to ensuring comprehension on the behalf of the students."

- Josh

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