The Supreme Goddess

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  • Travel on Pathways to Peace and Empowerment
  • Explore New Visions to Understand Reality
  • Learn Sacred Practices that Honor the Earth
  • Develop Skills for Embodying Fearlessness

Embody the Wisdom

of the Divine Feminine

What are we afraid of? Is it possible to move beyond fear to flourishing regardless of circumstances? How can the ancient and still vibrant tradition of the Great Goddess (Shakti) offer new pathways to justice, empowerment, and emancipation?

Explore a pathway to an integrated experience of life and death, toward a life lived in peace yet imbued with passion.This course offers a journey into the world of the Divine Feminine and the profound insights of her sacred texts.

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In Professor Sherma's 4-Module Course, evolve your relationship to the Divine Feminine.

Learn the ancient mystical philosophy of the Divine Feminine and its powerful integrative vision of reality.

Build Knowledge

Apply this knowledge towards justice, ecology, emancipation of oneself & others.

Apply Practically

Study with a scholar-practitioner who has experienced the power of the principles, philosophy, and practice of this wisdom tradition.

Study Deeply

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The tradition of the Divine Feminine offers a vast vision and wide-ranging potential application for critical, contemporary, eco-social challenges.

We will explore the traditions, texts, and teachings of this rare theological path of the Divine Feminine, which still remains globally extant as a major branch of Hindu spiritual life.

The tradition of Shakti/Mahādevī offers a multidimensional theological ethos that integrates transcendence and immanence, the masculine and feminine, life and liberation, dynamic creativity and contemplative tranquility, and the intuitive and empirical dimensions of experience.

Why study the Divine Feminine? Why Now?

Participants in this course will learn how to:

This course will transmit the deeper meaning – beyond ceremonialism and sensationalism – of this richly hued wisdom path.

  • Demonstrate a sound understanding of the identifiable characteristics of the Philosophical Theology of the Great Goddess.
  • Recognize the foundational doctrines that flow through all of Shakta theology.
  • Analyze the ways in which a psychology of emotions is used to evoke devotional love in the mysticism of Shakta Bhakti (devotional theology).
  • Describe how the autumn festival of the Great Goddess known as Durga Puja presents the Divine Feminine through beauty, arts, and sacred sound.
  • Discuss the unusual genre of “Narrative Theology” of her most famous canonical text, and how it uses both exciting mythology & sophisticated philosophy to both experience and understand the Divine Feminine.
  • Apply acquired knowledge, ideas, insights, and principles to contemporary concerns— ecological, ethical, and relational.
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What our Students

are Saying...

"I have studied through many established and well renowned yoga platforms, both academic and traditional based ones! This was one of the best workshops I ever attended not least because it was a praxis based one! Rameshji got the balance between scholarly analysis and traditionally based transmission just right and therefore was very engaging! This is the way forward for yoga platforms! We don’t necessarily just want to absorb knowledge but to know how to implement it in our everyday lives through practice! Rameshji was able to deliver this splendidly and I hope he is invited back to do more!" – Vishal Nehra

A recent yoga workshop student says:

"This program has provided more than any of us could have imagined. We have learned from one another, shown our vulnerability, and provided a brave space for our evolution."

A student reflecting on our faculty says:

"Every faculty member was incredibly knowledgable on their subject matter but even more so, passionate about sharing that knowledge and overwhelmingly dedicated to ensuring comprehension on the behalf of the students."

"I really appreciated being exposed to so many of the different perspectives of Yoga Philosophy – Samkhya, Vedanta, Tantra, Tibetan Buddhism, Goddess traditions. It’s wonderful to learn from teachers who so clearly love their subject. I really appreciated the support from the helpdesk team."

A Yoga Studies student says:


A MindBody Certificate student says:

Dr. Rita D. Sherma is Founding Director and Associate Professor at the Graduate Theological Union’s Center for Dharma Studies in Berkeley, California. She is Core Doctoral Faculty; and Co-Chair of Sustainability 360 at GTU. She holds an MA in Religion, and a PhD in Theology & Ethics from Claremont Graduate University, CA. She is the founding Vice President of DANAM (Dharma Academy of North America)—an eminent scholarly society for research on Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist religion, philosophy, and culture. Dr. Sherma has published eight books including Contemplative Studies and Hinduism: Meditation, Devotion, Prayer & Worship (2020), Swami Vivekananda: His Life, Legacy, & Liberative Ethics; Woman & Goddess in Hinduism; and numerous academic articles. Her forthcoming book (2023) is Radical Divine Immanence: A Hindu Ecological, Liberation Theology of the Goddess, Mahadevi.

About Your Teacher, Professor Rita Sherma

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The Supreme Goddess

  • 4 Pre-Recorded Lectures
  • Live Q&A
  • 10 Hours of Video Content
  • PDF Readings
  • BONUS 1: In Praise of Lalitā Devī (Video)
  • BONUS 2: Four Goddesses (Mini-Training)
  • BONUS 3: Following the Non-Dual Path of the Divine Feminine (Video)

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